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How to Classify Blood Cells Using Neural Networks


Machine Learning is widely used for image recognition. Here, we tried to perform blood cell classification using Convolutional Neural Networks.

There is a dataset of blood cells that can be used for training and testing [2, 3].

According to the paper [1], the model that performed the best is the Regionnal Convolutional Neural Network (R-CNN).

We tried to reproduce their results.

The dataset

The dataset is a set of images of white blood cells and platelets sorted in 8 classes: immature granulocytes (ig), monocytes, basophils, neutrophils, eosinophils, erythroblasts and platelets.

The dataset contains 17092 images.

The model

Firstly, we tried to use a classic Convolutional Neural Network (CNN).


[1] White blood cells detection and classification based on regional convolutional neural networks

[2] A dataset of microscopic peripheral blood cell images for development of automatic recognition systems

[3] The precedent dataset, download page