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How to mount a shared folder between Linux KVM Host and Guests

Sharing folder between KVM virtual machines and host, may be useful. Here is a way found in fedora forum. Quickstart Change vm to your vm hostname. sudo mkdir -p /mnt/shared sudo chmod -R a+rwX /mnt/shared sudo semanage fcontext -a -t svirt_home_t "/mnt/shared(/.*)?" sudo restorecon -R /mnt/shared tee fs.xml << EOF > /dev/null <filesystem type='mount' accessmode='mapped'> <source dir='/mnt/shared'/> <target dir='shared'/> </filesystem> EOF virsh shutdown vm virsh attach-device vm fs.xml --config virsh start vm ssh vm sudo mkdir -p /mnt/shared sudo tee -a /etc/fstab << EOF > /dev/null shared /mnt/shared 9p trans=virtio 0 0 EOF sudo mount -a References Virt-manager and shared folder host/guest permission issue?